FLACO (Free Los Angeles Creative Orchestra)

FLACO has been devoted to writing original salsa and Latin music in the studio or on the spot since 2005. Whether on stage or in session, FLACO performs from the heart without question. Having covered gigs in several music genres, (see list below) the band is now working on their first CD. Profoundly motivating, this group pulls out all the stops to showcase an amazing array of talent. Quietly sensitive, yet intensely energetic, the FLACO experience is unique and inspiring.

The FLACO Band CD will be available for download on iTunes soon!


Music genres: Latin / Salsa / Bolero / Merengue / Rumba / Reggaetón / Mambo / Son / Bomba / Plena / Guajira / Palo / Yuka / Makuta / Classical / Cha Cha Cha / Son Montuno / Descarga / Son Montuno / Songo / Bossa Nova / Cumbia / Güiro / Arará / Lucumí